Welcome to The Conference of County Judges of Florida

Notice of Vacancies in Office for the 2015 – 2016 Year Subject to Election at the 2015 Upcoming Annual Meeting

In accordance with Article VIII, Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Conference of County Court Judges of Florida, this is the formal notice of vacancies in office which are subject to election at the upcoming annual meeting to be held this July.

The Board of Directors met as a nominating committee at the Winter Board meeting, and has nominated the following members for positions:

  • President-elect, Joseph “Joey” Williams, Baker County
  • Secretary, Victoria (Vicky) del Pino, Dade County
  • Treasurer, Mark Yerman, Citrus County

The nominations of the above listed individuals do not need to be seconded. Any voting conference member may nominate any other voting conference member for office. All such nominations must be made and seconded in writing and submitted to the Conference President and Secretary. (Article VIII, Section 1C).

At the general session of the annual meeting to take place in Orlando, all existing nominations shall be announced. Immediately thereafter, nominations from the floor may be made. Nominations from the floor must be seconded. (Article VIII, Section 1 D).

The following individuals were automatically elected to positions on the 2015 – 2016 board by virtue of their respective elections last year:

C. Robert Hilliard, Santa Rosa, President
Augustus Aikens, Jr., Leon, President Elect
R. James McCune, Marion, Past President
Charles Tinlin, St. Johns, Conference Master
Victoria Del Pino, Miami-Dade, Secretary
Joseph Williams, Baker, Treasurer
Gary Flower, 1st DCA
Jeff McKibben, 2nd DCA
Andrea Wolfson, 3rd DCA
Frank Castor, 3th DCA
Stephen Jewitt, 5th DCA
Jose (Tony) Giraud, 1st Circuit
Nina Ashenafi Richardson, 2nd Circuit
Darren Jackson, 3rd Circuit
Dawn Hudson, 4th Circuit
Thomas Thompson, 5th Circuit
Cathy McKyton, 6th Circuit
Christopher Kelly, 7th Circuit
Tim Browning, 8th Circuit
Stefania Jancewicz, 9th Circuit
Gerald Hill, 10th Circuit
Diana Gonzalez, 11th Circuit
Erika Quatermaine, 12th Circuit
Paul Jeske, 13th Circuit
Joe Grammer, 14th Circuit
Daliah Weiss, 15th Circuit
Ruth Becker-Painter, 16th Circuit
Kenneth Gottlieb, 17th Circuit
A.B. Majeed, 18th Circuit
Darren Steele, 19th Circuit
Tara Paluck, 20th Circuit