The Conference


County Court Judges





President -C. Robert Hilliard, Santa Rosa
President Elect -Augustus Aikens, Jr., Leon
Past President - R. James McCune, Marion
Conference Master – Charles Tinlin, St. Johns
Secretary- Victoria Del Pino, Miami-Dade
Treasurer – Joseph Williams, Baker
Courier Editor – Frank Mann, Jr., Lee

District Vice Presidents

1st DCA – Gary Flower
2nd DCA – Jeff McKibben
3rd DCA – Spencer Multack
4th DCA – Steven Deluca
5th DCA – Stephen Jewitt

Board of Directors/Circuit Representatives

1st Circuit – Jose (Tony) Giraud
2nd Circuit – Kathy Garner
3rd Circuit – Darren Jackson
4th Circuit – Roberto Arias
5th Circuit – Donald Scaglione
6th Circuit – Dorothy Vaccaro
7th Circuit – Christopher Kelly
8th Circuit – Thomas Jaworski
9th Circuit – Stefania Jancewicz
10th Circuit – Robert Grode
11th Circuit – Rodolfo Ruiz
12th Circuit – Maryann Boehm
13th Circuit – Paul Jeske
14th Circuit – Joe Grammer
15th Circuit – Frank Castor
16th Circuit – Ruth Becker-Painter
17th Circuit – Kenneth Gottlieb
18th Circuit – Kelly McKibben
19th Circuit – Darren Steele
20th Circuit – Tara Palluck
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